1) What is the hukum of using luxury vehicles as funeral vehicle compared to the use of vans like practised in other countries?

It is Harus as long as the interior and exterior of the vehicle do not reflect or resemble elements of other religions.

2) I am a doctor who confirmed the pregnancy of many girls who are still unmarried. Is our role as physicians besides giving advice to repent and do not repeat the same mistakes, as reported to the authorities is against the ethics of medicine.

The doctor can recommend them to marry immediately if their pregnancies is still early for the purpose of preserving the lineage and avoid confusion of aurat limitation. Babies born less than 6 months 2 Lahzah (s) will not be convicted of the child to the husband by the Fiqh al-Islami wa Adillatahu.

3) I have read the book Halal Haram Guide published by the Consumers Association of Penang. I'm having trouble convincing the public, especially the Muslims that fast food is illegal because the purity and halal food is questionable (syubhah).

KFC is now owned by Johor Corporation and it is halal while the book Panduan Halal Haram is the result of research in general conducted by Consumers Association of Penang.

4) What are the guidelines or disposal of ash and waste of the Quran?

According to the National Fatwa Committee:
i) Al-Quran that have been damaged, torn, can no longer be read must be disposed.
ii) The Quran should be burn and buried under controlled environment.
iii) Disposal works shall be entrusted to the Secretariat or the Council and the Islamic Religious Department of the States. It should be done in discreet to avoid misunderstandings from the public.

5) What is the hukum on organ donation?

It is haram to donate the whole body for medical and research purposes. But specific parts of the body such as the cornea, kidney, heart and liver are allowed.

6) Who should take care of the mother, her son(s) or daughter(s)?

It is wajib for the children to look after their mother. It is haram to be unfaithful to our mother and have patience in dealing with her as she gets older. Allah says: It is wajib for the children to look after their mother. It is haram to be unfaithful to our mother and have patience in dealing with her as she gets older. Allah says:

وَمَن نُّعَمِّرْهُ نُنَكِّسْهُ فِي الْخَلْقِ ۖ أَفَلَا يَعْقِلُونَ ﴿٦٨

Meaning: “ "And whoever We grant long life, We shall restore him to the event (back become weak and less sense) then they do not think about it." ” Surah Yasin: 68

7) What is the hukum of children who ignores and be unfaithful to their father?

It is one of the biggest sin. The Prophet warned against doing anything that hurts them by saying: Meaning: “"Shall I tell you three of the major sins? We (the Companions) said: 'Of course, Rasulullah SAW.' Then he said: 'To submit to other besides Allah and being unfaithful to their parents.' At first he leaned and sat before continuing. Lying and giving false testimony is also included.' He continued repeating it, until we asked him to stop. "” A father should be patient and pray that Allah give guidance to his children. Rasulullah SAW said: Meaning:“"The redha of Allah depends on the redha of parents and His anger depends on the parents’ anger."”

8) Is investigating someone in the nude allowed in Islam?

Exposing someone’s aurat is forbidden in Islam based on the hadith of the Prophet: Meaning: “"From Anas that I came across a group of people who have long nails of copper and were scratching their chest and face. I asked: "O Jibri, who were these people ?". Jibril replied: "They are the ones who constantly demonize others and tarnish their honor". (Reported by HR abu Dawud) Meaning: From Said ibn Zaid, that the Prophet SAW said: Surely the greatest sin of riba is someone who is always smear a Muslim without true cause. (HR Abu Dawud, Al-Baihaqi in Syi’bul Iman) Exposing one’s shame mean in terms of word or action. For the purposes of the investigation, I agree with the recommendation made by the Independent Commission that all police stations throughout the country installed a scanner to check the prisoner's body. Physical examination involving private parts should be made by doctors, medical assistants or nurses of the same gender as the detainee.

9) What is the hukum in allowing non-Muslim to patrol the Friday prayer area in a surau for the purpose of registering his/her attendance in the Rukun Tetangga?

It is harus to use the verandah area of the surau.

10) I am a supplier of E.M. (Effective microorganism) which can consume microbes that cause pollution and can treat wastewater to clean pig feces. What is the hokum in receiving payments from the pig farmers?

Receiving payments resulting from the treatment of wastewater and pigs’ feces is harus for the purpose of preventing of pollution caused by the sewage water and the well being of local communities.

11) What is the hukum on exploring Government’s land, reserves and forest reserves illegally or unlawfully?

It is haram to do so without the Government’s permission.

12) What is the hukum in weeding out herbicides at cemeteries?

It is harus. There is no nas against it.


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