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Collection of articles Minda Mufti :
NOTES:- All the articles are available only in Bahasa Melayu format ONLY.

2017 Collection of articles Minda Mufti :

No. Date Section: List of articles:
1. 17.3.2017 Kalam Mufti The split Muslims Malaysia From the angle of Aqidah and Fiqh
2. 24.3.2017 Bayan Hukum Fasting Fidyah
3. 30.3.2017 Dairah Falak The importance of Astronomy in Life
4. 7.4.2017 Khazanah Ilmu Firm Reasons of Declaring Evidences On Khilafiah Issue
5. 7.4.2017 Kalam Mufti Transcripts & Memorandum Protest Against Amendments Act 164 - the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976
6. 12.5.2017 Bayan Hukum Main practices at the night of Nisfu Sha'ban
7. 13.6.2017 Dairah Falak Practice for Viewing The Moon In Islam
8. 17.7.2017 Khazanah Ilmu Nubzatul Ikhtisar
9. 16.10.2017 Dairah Falak Syamsiah and Qamariyah Taqwim
10. 15.12.2017 Khazanah Ilmu Explanation of Fardhu Ain & Fardhu Kifayah

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