1) Is the distribution of “Akidah Benteng Kehidupan” CD, “Selamatkan Zuriat Kita” CD and “Masyarakat Islam Murtad” CD allowed to the public?

Its distribution is allowed because there is nothing to doubt.

2) What is the hukum in respecting the flag and the standing while singing the National Anthem and the hukum in respecting the National Monument?

1) Harus on the conditions it is not excessive (ghuluw) in honouring it.

2) Haram as there are elements of idolatry.

3) Is the book 'Passport Prophetically' can be used and distributed to the public?

The use of the passport concept and use of 'Passport Prophetically' in the title of the book is not suitable for public circulation. It should be changed because it could mislead the public. Reference should also be included at the end of the book.

4) Are we allowed to include poems praising a man who died, in the Yasin-Tahlil booklet, meant as a gift by the family of the deceased?

Including poetry praising the deeds of the deceased in the Yasin is not prohibited by Islamic law, provided the praising does not go overboard according to Islam.

5) What is the hukum in engaging with using black magic on others?

Practicing witchcraft for a Muslim is haram because the perpetrators become musyrik to Allah SWT. This is based on the hadith of the Prophet SAW:

“ من نفث في عقدة، فقد سحر، ومن سحر، فقد أشرك”

(Anyone who blow in a knot, He has made black magic. And those who make black magic, then he has shirk (to Allah)

6) What is the status of tarikat Naqsbandiah Alliyah Haqqani?

Perak Fatwa Committee has not issued any decision, ruling or news related to this tariqat.

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