On May 28, 2019M equivalent to 23 Ramadan 1440H, we have the opportunity to review the direction of the Qiblah. This is because at that date will happen istiwa A'dzam.

This method was actually mentioned in the previous ulamak books such as Tadzkirah Fil Filmil al-Hayyah by Nasaruddin al-Tusi (14th century) and al-Syamsu al-Fatihah by Syeikh Umar Ismail Nuruddin 1343 H (Tok Guru Sg. Keladi). It started re-emerging in 1990 by Prof. Madya Dr. Baharuddin Zainal, from UNISZA in his article in the News of May 27, 1990.

It will occur when the sun's angular value is equal to the latitude of Mecca at 21 °, where the sanctuary is located. When this phenomenon occurs, the shadow of the upright object around the world will correct the Qiblat direction.

The occurrence of istiwa sun (rembang) on the Kaabah occurs twice a year. This phenomenon occurs according to local time in Malaysia at:

  1. May 28 at around 5.16 pm
  2. July 16 at about 5.28 pm

Since this phenomenon occurs in the afternoon for the Malaysian nation, the object shadow will fall to the East and the direction of the qibrat is the direction westward. Long object shadows in the evening also cause the direction of the qibla to be easier to measure.

Determination of this direction, can be done with the following guidelines:

  1. Choose a place that is quite airy and exposed to sunlight.
  2. Apply one column of the area to be checked for direction of the Qibla.
  3. Make sure the pole is upright and straight.
  4. Exactly at 5:16 pm on May 28 or 5:28 pm on July 16th, the object shadow that existed at the same time as the direction of the Qiblah.

In addition to the poles that are driven, revisions can also be made on the pole, the upright side of the house or any upright object.

Therefore, all parties are encouraged to check the direction of the Qiblah at that date and time. For musalla, private home, room and private revisions are always possible by all parties. For mosques and surau, the review should be done with the truth and done with the AJK to avoid any confusion.

But keep in mind, the direction of the Qibla direction does not mean that the Qibla direction changes every year. It only intended to ensure the direction of the measured Qibla was accurate on a budget basis. For an uncertain premise position of its direction, then this method can be done effectively and easily.

Happy Measuring Qiblah!

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