Perak Mufti Department - Achievement of Client Charter for 2016
(until 31st May 2016)

We swear with Allah's will to :

No. Client Charter
Gauging 2016 Achievement: Percentage of Achievement
1. Issuing fatwa to the public, especially those related to current issues completely and clearly. Fatwa Committee Meeting Members have been assigned at least 4 times a year (once in 3 months). 2nd Meeting - 50%
(10th May 2016)
2. To produce teachers who are qualified, accredited and meet the specifications that have been set. Implement the credential examination for applying candidates once every year. None
3. Calculate and verify the application for the qiblat direction of the mosques, suraus and cemeteries. Application for calculating and verifying qiblat direction is processed within 14 working days from date of the application, which applications received feedback within 3 days, and the verification process within the next 11 days. 100%
16 Applications
4. Carry out sightings of the new moon for Ramadan, Shawal and Zul-Hijjah to determine the start of the fasting month and the Eid. Early moon sightings is done a minimum of at least 3 times a year which is for Ramadan, Shawal and Zul-Hijjah. None
5. Establish and provide scientific reference materials to the public. Coordinate and produce at least two books / pamphlets to the public every year. None
6. To organize department's program with the community in providing advice on current issues. Implementing the department's programs with the community at least twice a year.
  • 17-18/5 – Tafaquh Falak (Kitab Sabil al-Muhtadin)
  • 19-20/5 – Program Bersama Masyarakat Di Felda Sungai Klah, Sungkai

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