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14 Zulhijjah 1430 H/ 1Disember 2009 M
- Starting from 2010, Perak Taqwim Prayer will receive additional zones than 3 zones before. Due to research has been conducted by the Falak Division, Perak Mufti Department found some improvements need to be made on the state taqwim prayers that will be used next year. According to Falak Division, Perak Taqwim Prayer for 2010 will adopt 7 zones than 3 zones before. Due to the research, it found 3 items that can be improved in taqwim that the time difference is significant, the most western point of reference and wide zone.

For example for 1 zone differences prayer times for the eastern region and the western reaches 6 minutes. While for zone 2 is reached 5 minutes where this difference a fairly large. So, this improvement the difference of prayer timeshould be reduced. Based on the three earlier items, the restructuring zones of Perak Prayer Times based on the following three principles:
  1. Restructuring of border zones based on a clear and practical.
  2. The difference prayer time most of East & West should be reduced.
  3. Reference point count has took most locations of west and the East, also taking location of the North and South area.
For example, in restructuring Perak Prayer Time Zone most western regional differences and the East can be reduced by up to 4 minutes. But this arrangement also take the boundaries of the area that is easily identifiable and not misleading except for Hulu Perak district.it should be split into two separate zones, such as zone 3 for Lenggong, Grik and Kroh and zone 4 for Temangor & Belum. This is due to the time difference is too large between the East and the West in the Hulu Perak district reaches 5 minutes. After discussion and get an approval from S.S Tan Sri Dato Seri Mufti, starting from January 2010, Prayer Time Zone for Perak State will adopt 7 zones such as:
  • Zone 1( Tapah, Slim River & Tanjung Malim )
  • Zone 2( Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Kampar, Sg. Siput & Kuala Kangsar )
  • Zone 3( Pengkalan Hulu, Grik & Lenggong, )
  • Zone 4( Temengor & Belum )
  • Zone 5( Teluk Intan, Bagan Datoh, Kg. Gajah, Sri Iskandar, Beruas, Parit, Lumut, Setiawan & Pulau Pangkor )
  • Zone 6( Selama, Taiping, Bagan Serai & Parit Buntar )
  • Zone 7( Bukit Larut )zon1:: If there are any problems and discrepancies, the parties are requested to contact Falak Divison, Perak Mufti Department.

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