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Task List Of Resource Centre Unit
  1. Help coordinate religious questions and answers via Mufti Department's email.
  2. Help to document religious questions/answers from Perak FM.
  3. Help coordinate the library department via computer.
  4. Help manage the purchasing of books in the library department.
  5. Help collect and bind newspaper articles relating to department's news and events.
  6. Help manage borrowing and returning of library materials.
  7. Help to ensure the library room facilities are supervised properly.


Task List Of The Information Technology Unit
  1. Provide a more efficient distribution of information to users.
  2. Provide ICT services which covers hardware and software, networking, ICT security and other related matters.
  3. Build and expand ICT technologies that is appropriate to the current needs.
  4. Ensure the quality, security and integrity of the information of the department is guaranteed.
  5. Carry out instructions from time to time.

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