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Information on Fatwa Division
  1. Assisting S.S. Mufti to answer written religious questions, e-mails, walk-ins and telephone questions every day.
  2. Hold Ulama Conference at the National level each year in conjunction with the birthday of HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak.
  3. Accepting invitations from various parties to clarify local religious issues by giving talks and lectures in mosques, suraus and government departments.
  4. Provide legal counseling session.
  5. Announcing the decision of the Fatwa Committee Meeting.
  6. Assisting S.S. Mufti to prepare seminar papers.
  7. Organize and manage the Fatwa Reviewing Committee meeting , analyze papers that were discussed at the Perak Fatwa Committee meeting.
Information on Istinbat Unit
  1. Hold description sessions to explain the religious problems through Munaqasyah Program, public lectures and publishing explanatory brochures.
  2. Organize Knowledge Discourse and knowledge strengthening courses (Tafaqquh Fiddin) to District Religious Administrative Officers / Perak Syariah Judges and teachers.
  3. Organize Ijtima' Programme to strengthen knowledge in addressing current issues to qualified religious teachers across the Perak on the Ijtima' Programme according to zones.
  4. Recruit qualified Religious Techers besides performing monitoring tasks.
  5. Reviewing and preparing Friday sermons.
  6. Select an ulama' as Tokoh Maal Hijrah at the Perak State level.
  7. Hold Executive Talk to the heads of departments at the district level.

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