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Overall Percentage of Perak Mufti Department - Client Charter Achievement for 2015

We swear with Allah's will to :

No. We promise to: Achievement
1. Advice the government, NGO's and matter that covers all aspects, especially akidah, syariah, ibadah, muamalah (social, economy, finance and current issues). 100%
2. Issue fatwa to the community is complete and clear regarding current issues 100% - 4X annual meetings.
3. Provide guidance and resolving problems in matters relating to juristical, aqidah and morality 100%
4. Coordinate fatwas between states and establishing a research and information centre that is efficient and effective 100%
5. Provide anybody that require advice 100%

** Note: The creation of The Perak Mufti Department new Client Charter forced on 8th April 2016.

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