1 BAGAN DATUK, PERAK - 11 NOVEMBER 2019: Mufti Talk Program of Maulidur Rasul Bagan Datuk District 1441H ended successfully yesterday. The program begins as early as 8.00 am and ends at 1.00pm at the Dato 'Haji Abdullah Multipurpose Hall, Hutan Melintang.

PThe program opens by welcoming the arrival of Department Chiefs and invited guests and continues for breakfast. It was followed by a welcome speech by the Chairman of the Council and the next of kin greeted the Prophet from 9.00am. A total of 500 participants participated in the program.

At 9.30am program was held in which members of the panel consisted of S.S. Dato; Hj. Asad Bin Awang, S.S Prof. Dr. Jamil Bin Hashim and S.S. Ust. Hj. Shuaib Bin Din. Meanwhile, moderators of this talk program were successfully led by A.F Ust. Shamsul Baharin Bin Hashim.

The highlight of the question-and-answer session began at 11.30am and was very welcoming. The closing ceremony of the Bagan Datuk District Officer was held at 12.30pm followed by the presentation of goodies to Panel Members and Moderators. All participants enjoyed a meal before the break.

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Source: Fatwa Division, Perak Mufti Department.

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