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On 7-8 hb August 2017M equals 15 Zulkaedah 1438H (Monday-Tuesday), the Partial Lunar Eclipse will occur. It happens parallel to the time the Moon is in the Full Moon phase when in position Istiqbal. This eclipse can be seen entirely from Malaysia, especially in the state of Perak. During this eclipse this time, we will find that the light of the moon which is supposed to be bright will look as dimly as if covered with clouds. However, at the height of the eclipse, the moon will look darker on the south side of the Moon's surface as if covered with thick clouds. At that moment the effect of eclipse will be more easily identified. Even in the whole eclipse, we will be able to see the eclipse well because at that point the Moon is high above the horizon.

Based on the data already reviewed, the Lunar Eclipse is expected to occur from 11:50 pm on the night of 7th August. But at the beginning of this eclipse, eclipse effects are difficult to see as the New Moon enters the darkening penumbra shadow. Only at 1:23 am to 3:18 am on the morning of 8th August, then the effect of eclipse will be more visible after the Moon enters the dark Umbra shadow. Dark eclipse effects will be most obvious at 2:20 am. After that the eclipse is still happening, only the eclipse will disappear when it enters the penumbra phase. The eclipse will end at 4:51 am.

The entire duration of this eclipse will take 5 hours 0 m 53 seconds taking into account the Moon passes through the Penumbra and Umbra shadows. But the obvious effect of the eclipse on the Umbra shadow is only 1 hour 55 minutes 14 seconds.

So based on the above information, all Muslims in particular in the state of Perak are advised to perform the prayer of the lunar eclipse. Recommended time is from 1:23 am to 3:18 am on the morning of 8th August. In addition to carrying out eclipse observations, Muslims are advised to increase zikir, tasbih, tahmid and takbir. This is because the eclipse is the evidence of the greatness of Allah S.W.T which should be accompanied by a sense of admiration and slavery to the Greatness of Allah S.W.T. May God S.W.T simplify our affairs to observe the lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse to perform prayers.

Summary of Prayer Times of the Lunar Eclipse



Start Time


15 Zulkaedah 1438 H /

8 August 2017M


1:23 am

3:18 am

Download the Eclipse Sermon HERE

Source: Information Resources Unit, Maktabah Department, Perak Mufti Department.

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