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KUALA KANGSAR, 31 MAC 2016 - Perak Jubilee Hall, Kuala Kangsar became as the venue of Perak Mufti Department Executive Talk Program for the first time in this year. This program organised by the Perak Mufti Department which is held every year in different locations in Perak.

In this edition, organisers had also invited A.F. Ustaz Syed Mohd Bakri bin Syed Isaac from Program Ummah Triggers (P.U. 2015) to deliver the first talk called 'Arise Oh Dai', Society Needs You '. After the completion of the first session, the next program is second talk presented by S.S.Tan Sri Dato 'Seri Dr. Haji Harussani Bin Haji Zakaria, The Mufti of Perak. The title of his talk is a 'The Direction of nowadays Da'wah, Where Were You?'.
Talking about the nowadays Da'wah, the Mufti of Perak, S.S. Tan Sri Dato 'Seri Dr. Harussani Haji Zakaria bin Haji asserted; "What is important is the unity among Muslims in our country irrespective of whether different political views".

Approximately 500 participants are invited to join this program. About 300 Islamic Education (GPI), the District Education Office (PPD) Kuala Kangsar besides KAFA teachers, teacher credentials, the rulers of districts and sub-districts, and imams mosques around Kuala Kangsar district are invited to attend as a participants. Also present were District Officer, Tuan Haji Mior Muhammad Jamil Bin Mior Zakaria and Religious Administrative Officer Kuala Kangsar, A.F. Ustaz Haji Burhanuddin Bin Md Dali.
After completion of the two talks, the next is a a question and answer session. Several questions have been raised by participants and answered by S.S. Perak Mufti and Deputy Mufti of Perak, Tuan Haji Zamri Bin Hashim. The program ended at 1.00 pm.


Source: Maktabah Division of Perak Mufti Department.

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