SEGARI, April 8, 2016 - Falak Division of the Perak Mufti Department, has been visited by the students from Sek. Men. Tahfiz Islam Al-Amin, Chenderong Balai, Teluk Intan and Sekolah Maahad Al-Yahyawiyah, Padang Rengas, Kuala Kangsar to participate in the observation session of the new moon of Rejab 1437H in Baitulhilal, Pasir Panjang, Segari.

The program commenced with a briefing regarding determination the beginning of the Hijri and Hilal delivered by Ustaz Mohamad Faizal Officer of Falak Division, Perak Mufti Department. The briefing session was to give an opportunities for students and accompanying teachers learn about the methods or procedures for determining the beginning of Hijri. Question and answering session also been received very encouraging. In fact, students are also given the opportunity to use special equipment during the sighting of the Hilal.

"We have brought some equipment such as Orion Telescope, camera, NEX-3N, Celestron C90 Telescope, Topcon theodolite and Topcon Total station. In addition, we have the cooperation of an officer from the National Institute of Land and Survey (INSTUN), Mr. Mahruzzaman b Misran which also brought some equipment to this Hilal observation session, "said Ustazah Fatimah bt Ayoub Assistant Officer of Falak Division.

Observation session begins at 7.00 pm with a relatively sunny weather and a bit cloudy. However, when the sun began to set, the clouds had obscured the sun. Nevertheless, students and teachers are very excited to have the opportunity to use the equipment that have been provided. All attendees had the opportunity to see the moon of Rejab which is starting to look at 7:42 pm at the 8 ° 28 '13' 'and the azimuth of 278 ° 47' 26 '' by using a 120mm Orion Telescope and Celestron C90 Telescope.

After Maghrib, the program continued with a session of sky observations with a telescope. The students and teachers once again have the opportunity to see the natural beauty of Allah's creation when the Jupiter planet are visible in the sky toward the east. "We are very excited and hope this kind of activities will be held to promote astronomy among the community," said one of the teachers. 

The activities were attended by approximately 50 students and accompanying teachers ended at 10.00 pm and they are very satisfied with this Hilal observation session.

Hilal observation session with Officers and Students
Hilal of Rejab 1437H recorded at 7:54 pm.
Some of students and teachers who attended this  observation program.

Source: Maktabah Division of Perak Mufti Department.

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