Berbuka JMNPk IPOH, July 2, 2016 - Hotel Seri Malaysia Ipoh once again is selected as the venue for Iftar programme with Y.Bhg Tan Sri Dato 'Seri (Dr.) Haji Harussani Bin Haji Zakaria. The event has become an annual program positions held during Ramadan.
It starts at 6.30pm with the arrival of guests consisting from family Tan Sri, he invited guests and officials and staff of the Perak State Mufti Department together with their respective families. At 7.00 pm Tan Sri arrives with his wife, Puan Sri Hajjah Ainon Binti Abdul Ghani. Among the guests who attended was the Managing Director of Epic Valley Holdings Sdn Bhd, Tan Sri Feng Ah Seng and his wife, as well as staff and employees of the company.

After the entry of Maghrib at 7:36 pm guests enjoy dinner with the food served. Done Maghrib, Tan Sri Mufti gave a speech to the guests before the session giving "duit raya" by Tan Sri to the guests and staff as well as families. Ceremony went smoothly and the lively, it ended around 9.00 pm to make room for guests performed the prayers of tarawikh.
 berbuka JMNPk  
 berbuka JMNPk  
Source: Maktabah Division of Perak Mufti Department.

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