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I would like to refer to the action by Joint Action Group on Gender Equality (JAG) and Gender Equality Initiative (GEI) that had given me an award for the category 'Intelectual Insult' and similar award to Department of Islamic Development Malaysia(JAKIM) in Aiyot Wat Lah! Awaards Ceremony that they organized.
According to a report of a liberal portal, 'Intellectual Insult' category was awarded to a party or person making illogical, irrational and utterly false comments. It followed a statement I made in April last year on "the concept of marital rape does not exist because the wife cannot refuse her husband's sexual demands unless she has her menstrual period, is in pain or during childbirth." I also stated "The Prophet Muhammad also said that the wife must obey the husband even on the camel's back". Here is my answer to the question related to this issue:
  1. I am of the view that the action taken on their own accord have highlighted that the maximum level of ignorance on their part in the matters relating to Islam, the differences in Islamic law, the views of the ulama' and approaches in the management of Islamic affairs. Worse still when these statements were circulated openly that can cause confusion to the public.
  2. The actions of this group and others with the same view is aiming at distancing people from the religion and considering religion as a burden or hindrance. Therefore, their eagerness to discredit the ulama' and religious institutions is a fundamental principle of the liberals who tried to forced it down the throats of Muslims in Malaysia.
  3. The situation is clearer when the "trend" to discredit leaders and religious institutions is intensified and often occurs when selective statements or speeches are quoted and criticized without looking at the actual and wider scope. In my opinion this was a malicious act.
  4. Basically, I can accept open-minded thinking, speech and behavior, but we are guided by the Law of Islam that drives the human mind. Their actions also seem to encourage others to be open-minded but they themselves are old-fashioned and often precede logical and rational thinking instead of basing Islamic law as guidance.
  5. My statement regarding a wife cannot resist the will of her husband even on the camel's back is derived from evidence in the hadith:
"From Abdillah bin Abi Aufa, he said, When Muaz come from Syam he prostrated to the Prophet. The Prophet then asked Muaz, what are you doing ? Mu'az answered; when I reached Syam, I saw the people of Syria bowed to the leaders and their pastor, I liked it and we will do the same to you. The Prophet then said: 'Do not do it, if I (can) order a person to prostrate to other than Allah, surely I will instruct the wife to prostrate to her husband. By Him the soul of Muhammad in His hands, a wife is considered not to fulfill her obligations to Allah before she fulfills her duty to her husband, so that if her husband asks his wife to satisfy him on the back of a camel, his wife cannot refuse ". Narrated by Ibn Majah (nikah book no. 1843) and Imam Ahmad (no. 18591). This shows that the procedure is full of decency and Islamic guidance in family life is to create intimacy and affection between couples.
It is wise that all these open statements and actions towards the ulama' and religious institution is halted to cultivate harmony between religions and races in this country. In addition, it is to maintain the position of Islam and put it in line as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, Article 3. Religion of the Federation; (1) Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practiced in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.
Mufti of Perak Darul Ridzuan.

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