As a department which is entrusted to provide advice and guidance to the government and society, one guidance and counsel is required by the state local governments and not related to the other states has been proposed to the Perak Mufti Department for building a replication of an animal in a new placements where applicable.


Since it is still in the proposal, my advise is stop to build a replica of the animal completely based on the related authentic traditions because the statue allowed in Islam is for children's toys or for educational purposes. Even if the proposal would be forwarded, it should be built not by its nature perfectly.

The issue is actually about the local matters in Perak and there is no connection with the eagle replica in Langkawi or even national monument but this issue has been used by the famous media which is prejudices to Islam and their agencies misrepresenting and diverting from the real issue. There is no issue to demolish the monument because it is under each state authorities.

My opinion, if the existing monuments is not planned to be demolish, it is still under the duty of the authorities to ensure that the acts that lead to polytheism does not happen and no longer to build the perfect animal replicas - . In accordance with the requirements of the existing nas, Qaeda sad az zar'iah recommendations and if any discussion among the scholars about it, the exit of the mistake is preferable that no longer building replicas or even idolatry in a country where Islam as the religion of the country.

Hj Zamri Hashim
Deputy Mufti of Perak

Source: Maktabah Department, Perak Mufti Department.

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