munaqasyah LUMUT, September 30, 2016 - Astronomy Fiqh Conference 2016 was successfully held at The Orient Star Resort Lumut, Perak. This is the 4th year of this annual program was held and the Perak State selected as the host of this time. The program was organized by the Perak Mufti Department in collaboration with the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). It lasted for three days from Tuesday to Thursday (27 to 29 September 2016).

The program is a platform specific discussions on the issues of astronomy related to syariah, develop study and explanation of Islamic laws, particularly those involving technical difficulties of astronomy to complete, develop networks and agreements in resolving issues of astronomy time, and produce officials astronomy skilled not only from a technical perspective but also from the point of syariah.
Around 70 participants were selected from the State Mufti Department, academicians and individuals who have knowledge about astronomy and fiqh. Among the presenters were invited were Prof. Dato 'Dr. Mohd. Zambri Bin Zainuddin, Falak JAKIM Expert, Prof. Madya Dr. Abdul Halim Bin Abdul Aziz of University of Sains Malaysia (USM), Dr. Raihana Binti Abdul Wahab of the Department of Fiqh and Usul, University of Malaya (UM), Tuan Haji Hanafiah bin Abdul Razak from Johor Mufti Department, Dr. Mohd. Fahmi bin Abdul Khir, Member of the Falak Committee the State of Perak, and Mr. Mohd Razlan Bin Ahmad from University of Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).

Official Ceremony of Astronomy Fiqh Conference 2016 was held on the evening of the second day. Formally launched by Hon. S.S. Tuan Haji Zamri Bin Hashim, Deputy Mufti the Perak Mufti Department. The occasion has also launched Prayer Planning Software, e-Miqat which was developed collaboratively by the Division of Astronomy, Perak Mufti Department and the Information Technology Unit, University of Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS), Kuala Kangsar. While the formula for the calculation of taqwim for this software also been assisted and monitored by Prof. Madya Dr. Abdul Halim Bin Abdul Aziz from University of Sains Malaysia (USM). This software aims to facilitate Astronomy Division, the Perak Mufti Department, in the preparation of the Perak State taqwim prayers every year.

The program ended with the presentation of the resolution presented by Dr. Muhamad Yamin Bin Ismail, the Planning and Research Officer, Research Branch, Section Syariah JAKIM.

Source: Information Resources Unit, Maktabah Department, Perak Mufti Department.


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