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This policy was created to establish rules and access procedures for borrowing and returning of Maktabah Reference materials at the Perak Mufti Department.

Perak Mufti Department Maktabah is a restricted access area. Permission is only granted to employees of the Department of Perak Mufti who requires continuous access to the Maktabah. Staff departments / agencies are required to make an application for access to the Maktabah and the application requires the approval of the Head of Maktabah, Perak Mufti Department.

Maktabah Reference materials such as books, collection of fatwas, bulletins and papers are also the assets and properties of the department under the supervision of the Resource Centre Unit. Any hiring, borrowing and returning books should be recorded in Maktabah Reference Materials Registry.

Policy Statements
Any acquisition or rental of the Maktabah Reference Materials should be written the name of the borrower, agency / department / division lenders, title / title, date books borrowed and signed by the borrower in the Maktabah Reference Materials Registry. The maximum duration of the loan of the Reference Materials is 2 weeks. Any increase in the loan duration has to get approval from the Head of Maktabah.

Similarly, any refund of Reference Materials must be signed and the return date recorded in the Maktabah Reference Materials Registry. Any officer / staff who loses the Maktabah Reference Materials will be fined, either by replacing or pay the same price of the missing material.

Individuals who require access to the Maktabah and access to Maktabah reference materials must comply with the policies that have been established to ensure the safety of the Maktabah and its Reference Materials.

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