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1. Repent

  • Regret over past action
  • Determined to improve the quality of work
  • Have the spirit of innovation towards work

2. Khauf (Fear)

  • Elevating self piety
  • Fear of Allah's punishment from doing things that will be construed as misappropriation

3. Zuhud (Not Materialistic)

  • Utilising facilities to the maximum
  • Not wasteful on spending
  • Not expecting praise from others

4. Patience

  • Patience in facing customers
  • Patience in dealing with bureaucracy
  • Careful in carrying out duties

5. Gratitude

  • Appreciating the facilities given
  • Appreciating the contribution of individuals and groups
  • Grateful to receive the blessings and be bold to face the challenges

6. Sincere

  • Sincere in carrying out responsibilities
  • Sincere in contributing towards increasing the quality of servicemen
  • Not being arrogant (show off) in carrying out responsibilities

7. Resign to Allah

  • Giving it your best
  • Leave it to Allah after trying
  • Full reliance on Allah

8. Mahabbah

  • Treating all customers and staffs affectionately
  • Creating a family like surrounding among staffs
  • Equality in serving customers

9. Affection

  • Proud to be staff of Perak Mufti Department
  • Consent in accepting Allah's actions
  • Being open-minded in receiving criticism

10. Death Reminder

  • Always be alert and afraid of Allah's Judgement, and
  • Encourage to carry out your responsibilities truthfully, with dedication and providing the best service

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