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Fatwa Committee Members
In the Islamic Religious Administration Enactment 1992, the establishment of a committee controlled by the Perak Mufti Department called Syariah Committee:
"There shall be a committee called the Syariah Committee".
Seksyen 37(2) states: "The Syariah Committee shall be consist of :
  1. The Mufti as Chairman,
  2. Deputy Mufti, if there is any;
  3. 2 Council members who are well versed on Hukum Syara' appointed by the Council,
  4. An officer from the Perak Islamic Religious Department who is appropriately qualified, nominated by the Head of the Perak Islamic Religious Department.
  5. At least two, but no more than five persons appointed by the Council consisting of the ones who are well verse in Hukum Syara'.

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