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Administration - Tasks and Responsibilities
  1. Organize and manage things such as service members leave the service, in-service training, courses, service records, leave records, appointment, confirmation, promotion, examination, housing loans, computer loans, car loans and other related to service members
  2. Maintain files of servicemen and other files of the Department, including the conservation of archives and records
  3. Managing disciplinary action and promotion of members of the services involved (if any)
  4. Designing and implementing a systematic internal administration
  5. Implement ICT development and maintenance of infrastructure facilities in accordance with the requirements of changing times
  6. Coordinate functions of other units


Finance - Tasks and Responsibilities
  1. Prepare the annual estimated budget of the Department
  2. Manage the Department's procurement and purchasing that has passed through ABM annually
  3. Controlling capital property registration system and Department's vehicle maintenance
  4. Perform the necessary purchases and expenditure needed by the Department

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