How am I going to meet the S.S. Mufti of Perak?
You have to make an appointment to see the S.S. Mufti of Perak. Appointment can be made by contacting the Administrative Assistant or calling the Department at 05-2545332
How do I get clarification on questions and answers on religious issues?
You can get any queries through:
  1. Walk in to the Perak Mufti Department and meet with the Officer concerned.
  2. Calling the Perak Mufti Department.
  3. By mail / facebook / email
  4. Through question and answer religious programme at 8.15am to 9.00am every Friday on Perak FM
How can I obtain services to determine the direction of Qiblat?

You can get the services by filling in the application form. Forms can be downloaded from this website.

What’s the meaning of “Istiwa A’zam” (أعظام)?

The “Istiwa A’zam” (أعظام)phenomenon is where the Sun is exactly at the zenith point(above) Ka’abah. This phenomenon occurs twice in a year. As a result, the shadow of an object in other places will point towards Ka’abah. This is the basics of Falak in determining the direction of Qiblat from any point on earth. In Malaysia, the object’s shadow will point towards Ka’abah at 5.16pm on 28th May and 5.28pm 16th July every year. Muslims in Malaysia are encourage to check the direction of Qiblat at their homes and other places of ibadah to ensure the accuracy of Qiblat direction.

What is meant by “Ijtimak”

“Ijtimak” is define as the separation of the old “moon” phase where the moon is between the earth and the sun. During “Ijtimak” the lighted side of the moon is facing the sun while the dark side is facing the earth.

How can I get credential to teach Islam in Perak?

Firstly you need to fill out a teching credentials form that can be obtained from this department. Then you should attend the teaching credentials exam and if you pass the examination, you will be called for credentials interview to teach Islam Negeri Perak.

How many times is the Islamic religious teaching credentials examination is hold in a year?

The Islamic religious teaching credential exam is held only once a year.

What subjects are covered in Perak Islamic religious teaching credentials examination?

Subjects that are covered in the Perak Islamic religious teaching credentials examination is as follows: Tawheed, Fiqh, Islamic Tasawur, Sirah, Hadith, Tafseer.

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